Gateway Effect of Marijuana

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Marijuana has been used by people over many centuries for medical uses. It is a natural pain killer used today as a recreational drug by people all over the world. According to Noel Merino in, “Introduction to Gateway Drugs: Opposing Viewpoints”, “a drug is something other than food intended to affect the structure or function of the body”. Marijuana is a very controversial drug and has been outlawed in many countries for its affect on the function of the body. “Effects may involve hallucinations, impaired judgment, and mood swings.” Describes the effects of marijuana in “Marijuana” Current Issues Macmillian social science library. During the past century Marijuana has been legal, made illegal, strictly enforced, decriminalized, protested, used illegally by millions of people, protested for both views, legalized for medical uses, and the debate continues. People claim that marijuana is not harmful and should be made legal; others protest that it is a dangerous drug that leads to other serious problems personally, socially, and politically. Marijuana has been to cause physical effects such as breathing problems due to the inhalation of smoke if that is the method being used to take the drug. In “Marijuana is Dangerous for Teens”, by Joseph Califano he states that, “nine percent of those who use marijuana become dependent on it”, although it is not a big number it is because that is not the biggest problem with marijuana. Along with all of the health problems that marijuana use causes it also opens up the debate over the gateway theory.

A gateway drug is a substance taken that opens peoples’ minds up to taking other progressively more dangerous drugs. Millions of people who use marijuana use it illegally, at some point ma...

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