Gas Chromatography Essay

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Gas chromatography is a technique for sorting out the components of a result and measuring their virtual quantities. It is a helpful technique for chemicals that do not decay at high temperatures and when a very tiny amount of sample is available. The use of gas chromatography is restricted by the rotting high temperature of the components of the combination and the composition of the column. Most columns cannot endure such temperatures more than 250-350 °C.
In gas chromatography, a sample is quickly heated and vaporized at the insertion port. The sample is transported throughout the column by a mobile phase comprised of an inert gas. Sample components are divided based on their boiling points and virtual similarity for the stationary phase, which is most often a thick liquid (wax) within the column. The higher a component's similarity for the stationary phase then the slower it will come off the column. The components are then uncovered and represented as peaks on a chromatogram.

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