Gary Ridgway A Serial Killer Essay

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A person who commits a series of murders, often with no apparent motive and typically following a certain characteristic, predictable behavior pattern, is known as a serial killer. No one grows up thinking that one day they're going to become a serial killer. Everyone has their reasons for doing what they do, most of the time it is based off of how you were brought up. Were they neglected? Were they sexually harassed or watched someone be harassed? There is clearly something that was brought out in them, that lead them into falling through with these actions. Gary Ridgway was born on February 18, 1949 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Gary, the middle child along with two other siblings, Gregory and Thomas. They all share the same parents, Thomas…show more content…
They married and not too long later he enlisted into the Navy and was sent to vietnam. “In the Navy, he started having sexual encounters while in ports with prostitutes regularly and contracted Gonorrhea. He blamed the prostitutes for infecting him, which began his life long late for prostitutes.” After he came home he found out his wife was having an ongoing affair which led to their divorce. In 1972, he was discharged from the Navy and found himself back in his hometown. He acquired a job painting designs on trucks. Gary had married quickly to a woman named Marcia Winslow. It is said that early in their marriage they would have sex in outdoor places in the Western Washington area, which happens to be where some of the bodies he murdered were found. Macia and Gary had a child together, who is named Matthew. After Matthew was born, Macia was not always available to Ridgway in a sexual sense anymore. “His demeanor towards her began to change and his idea of foreplay on some occasions was to choke her.” They later got divorced in 1981. Ridgway went on and got married one more time in 1988 to Judith…show more content…
When he first started he targeted mostly prostitutes and other young runaways. The women were usually between 15 and 40 years of age. He had no particular ethnicity he would go for, did not matter if they were black, white, hispanic, or asian. He did not care about their physical features either, but rather convenience. The one thing he typically chose was if they seemed to be “vulnerable”, or “east to get alone”. All these occurrences happened near his home in Seattle, Washington. He would pick the women up where the girls had been reported to have disappeared and he would often bring them home. He would show them pictures of his son, Matthew, in order to gain their trust. He would have sex with these women, but would tell them he would pay them after they were finished. When he first started, he would strangle the women after sex by hand, but as he later progressed he started using ropes and belts and other ligatures so it would not draw as much attention. He either killed his victims in his home or his truck. Later, would dispose of the bodies in what he called “clusters” along the banks of the Green River, where he would then go back and have sex with the

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