Gary Johnson Case Analysis

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Many Americans feel let down by the two major parties nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and are supporting the Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson at record rates. A majority of people supporting Gary Johnson are supporting as a way to protest the two major candidates, few actually caring about his ideas. If most Americans looked at Gary Johnson 's policies they would probably not support him. This article will layout why the reasons Gary Johnson 's tax plan and health care plan would only benefit wealthy Americans while leaving behind the poor and middle class. One of the staples of Gary Johnson’s platform is his plan to abolish the income tax,corporate taxes, estate taxes, and the IRS, and instead impose a 23% flat consumption…show more content…
A study done by the International Monetary Fund, that looked at 150 countries, found that when wealthy people had more money, economic growth and when poor people had more money, economic growth speed up. Imposing a consumption tax would lead to the wealthy owning way more than they already do, which would significantly slow down economic growth.

The consumption tax that Gary Johnson wants to impose would slow down GDP, hurt the middle class, and wouldn 't spur the investment and job growth he claims and would be counterproductive to his goals of helping the economy. And just like his tax plan, his welfare plan would also hurt the economy and the poor.

Like a majority of Libertarians and conservatives, Gary Johnson wants repeal obamacare to balance the budget and improve health insurance. However, getting rid of Obamacare wouldn 't save money, and would hurt the poor.

According to a report from the Congressional Budget Office, repealing Obamacare would increase the deficit by 353 billion dollars to the deficit over the course of a decade. Increasing the deficit would make it harder to balance the budget, and would be counterproductive to his goal of balancing the budget. It would also lead to millions of Americans losing their health

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