Garnish with Humanity

As an English 101 student, in my third semester of college, I have learned several things, particularly within the subject of writing. One of my goals this semester is to improve my writing abilities. I enjoy writing, and I always put a large amount of time and effort into my assignments. After this course, I have learned the importance of superior writing, not just good writing. The importance is now more apparent, specifically from the standpoints of analysis, ethos, pathos and logos. These topics are essential for critical thinking, deciphering good tutoring help from bad, and my continuous growth as a student and a writer. The complexities within the words of books, movies, songs, and other forms of word are part of a bigger picture. Interpretation is an important part of reading and writing, as my analysis is really a reflection of how I interpret the “bigger picture”. I have learned to continuously ask “why” on many different levels. I learned to challenge myself, dig into words as deeply as possible and unbury every detail to develop the inner meaning. While studying the significance behind words for the analysis essay, I discovered it changed the way that I consciously think about many things. The analysis essay is the project I struggled with the most; I found that I do not naturally think this way. I have to continue digging deep and reflecting on my inner thoughts, this way I am able to fulfill assignments similar to this for future classes. Without the learned use of analysis, I may have missed my writing goal this semester; as well as, an opportunity for excellent grades in upcoming assignments throughout my college experience. Now things that I hear or see I tend to subject to my conscience analysis. For example... ... middle of paper ... ... my intention is to persuade with ethos and logos, the objectivity of the two-sided argument stunted the potential pathos, which is often an effective motivator. In my revised essay, I have taken a narrative perspective into the vegan diet. By doing this, I am portraying more of my individual emotions; in turn, exposing my personal driving force toward veganism. Emphasizing what my argument paper lacked, by personalizing and adding more will (optimistically) have the outcome I was seeking in my original draft. This is why I have chosen to revise this argument essay for my portfolio assignment. I have placed the papers in the order they were written and submitted; this shows my improvement, made throughout the semester and gives the portfolio organization. The portfolio begins with my first draft, then the final draft marked by instructor, and last the revised draft.
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