Garmco Case Study

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When it comes to enterprises in the same size as Garmco, going through changes could be either easy or difficult due to all the surrounding factors that have the ability to influence the change. There are several things that the company needs to consider if a change is to occur, especially if the change is relevant to the recommendations proposed previously. One of the most important aspects that Garmco needs to pay close attention to are the execution traps. Despite having recommendations that could improve the company and step it up to the next level, if those recommendations were not executed correctly, the result could end up being disastrous. For the execution to be perfect, the company should assemble a qualified team responsible for…show more content…
Being in the business word, Garmco needs to maintain professional relationship and network with various companies due to the fact that the companies basically depend on each other. Alba being the main supplier of raw materials to Garmco also means that Garmco is one of the main customers for Alba. If Garmco decided to expand their suppliers’ list, it has to be done carefully to maintain good relationships with Alba for future business transactions. By executing the expansion of suppliers list appropriately, Garmco will be able to increase their bargaining power of buyer especially that Alba will no longer be the only supplier and could lose their bargaining power of supplier, which could eventually lead to buying raw materials for lower prices than originally estimated. On the other hand, if Garmco executed the transition of suppliers poorly and lost their relationship with Alba, it could end up catastrophic especially if Garmco was unable to locate another supplier, which places the company in a very difficult situation, operation and financial…show more content…
Garmco could use the advantages of having a catchy phrase to implement their expansion into recycling. It is understood that the world at the moment is thinking more green and towards saving the nature and limiting pollution, especially in countries such as the United Kingdom and Ireland which witnessed the fastest growth rates in recycling (WrapUK, n.d.). Expanding the company to such countries with high awareness of the importance of recycling and using the “It’s All in a Phrase” approach, as suggested by Orit Gadiesh and James Gilbert, could help in succeeding the implementation process (Gadiesh & Gilbert, 2001). For instance, a possible catch phrase for Garmco to use to endorse their recycling expansion could “Reuse it or lose it”. By having this slogan spread around in the nation, the company will create a memorable perception in people’s mind of the importance of recycling in order to save the world from losing an important resource due to pollution for instance. Having the support of people will, subsequently, result in the success of the expansion and contribute to the general growth

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