Gardening: Planting SunFlowers in a School Environment

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The name of my project is gardening which is planting sunflower. I chose this project because my kindergarten’s outdoor environment space is limited. This project involved 5 years old children. The process of growing this sunflower plant took about two months. The project has met the objective well. The main objective of this project was experiencing the outdoor environment by the children. Children gain vast benefits from learning outdoors. Being outdoors allows them to move around without many of the restrictions of being inside (Early Years Foundation Stage, 2014). Gardening is an appropriate project to be carried out as an outdoor play. Children experienced the outdoor environment freely. Outside is a natural place for children to be and play and there is a freedom related with it. Bilton (2004: 4) states that outside is a natural environment for children and there is a freedom associated with the space that cannot be replicated inside. As in this project, I observed that children engage freely and experience the outside environment rather than inside the classroom. Outdoor environments are also important to children's development of independence and autonomy. The outdoors boosts and excites children of all ages enabling them to explore and discover fascinating worlds and experiences offerings richly provided in the natural worlds. According to Chawla (1998) through education, young children can become empowered to act on behalf of themselves and others to create a sustainable environment. The sustainability of the project is based on the material’s durability. The materials that I used for my project was flower pots, potting compost, sunflower seeds, trowel, wheelbarrow, watering buckets and gloves. All the materials we... ... middle of paper ... ...s while doing the project. Besides that, mathematics involves providing children with opportunities to develop and improve their skills in counting (Early Years Foundation Stage, 2014). Children counted the sunflower seeds before putting on the compost soils. The Every Child Matters (ECM) Green Paper (2004) identified the outcomes that are most important to children. Firstly, be healthy is one of the outcomes which is important for children. Children were involved actively throughout the project. Children were motivated by the teachers and parents. Children also were being involved in the project and concentrate to the instructions given by me as the practitioners. Children were emotionally happy and confident with their contributions for the project. Even, every morning, children came and asked permissions to go and see their sunflower plants and water it.

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