Garden Fresh Gourmet: Case Study: Organic On-The-Go

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Differentiator To set our solution apart from competitors, we will use the promotional message that the product is “Organic on-the-Go.” We chose to emphasise that our product is organic because whole(istic) foodies, our primary target market, prefer to eat healthy and organic (Campbell 's Presentation, 2016). We also want to send the message that our product is convenient to eat on the go, and will allow whole(istic) foodies to continue their dedication to a healthy lifestyle, even when they are on the move. While eating healthy is often inconvenient and takes more effort than eating less healthy alternatives, our product provides a convenient, minimal effort way for consumers to eat healthy. Including both carrots and hummus in a small…show more content…
Happy, Healthy Lifestyle: By providing a nutritious product, consumers feel confident in making the wholesome choice of purchasing our snack products instead of the traditional processed and high calorie snack options. People who are healthier are proven to be happier, and Garden Fresh Gourmet strives to increase happiness by providing the healthier snacking choice. Approachable: Garden Fresh Gourmet is a smaller brand that cares about its consumers and will interact with each customer in a fun, friendly, and personable way. Convenience: Our hummus is single serve and easy to eat on the go so people who have busy schedules can enjoy our products and maintain their healthy lifestyle. Our target consumer is the whole(istic) foodie, who will respond positively to all of these values. Campbell’s defines this group of people as committed to a healthy lifestyle, highly conscious of what they eat, and very knowledgeable about the food they consume. (Campbell’s Presentation, 2016) Because of these characteristics, whole(istic) foodies will appreciate that this grab and go snack is organic and uses fresh…show more content…
Whole(istic) foodies would pick an organic, low calorie snack over the typical unhealthy snacks, which is how they live a healthy lifestyle despite their busy schedules. There have also been connections of lower risks of cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, normal body weight, and healthier blood fat profiles to positive psychological attributes such as happiness and optimism. (Landau, 2015) This shows how being healthy promotes happiness and vice versa, which further extends the whole(istic) foodie’s healthy lifestyle. The whole(istic) foodie segment is also made up of millennials, who want to engage with corporations on social media. 62% say that if a brand engages with them on social media they are more likely to become loyal customers. (Schawbel, 2015) Since Garden Fresh Gourmet is a smaller brand that is more approachable than a large corporation, this segment will respond well to the personable aspect of the company as well as the strategies to engage with them on social media. Positioning
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