Gap Year Essay

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People have been discussing if the U.S. should adopt the British custom of taking a ‘gap year” before college. (hook) The U.S. should adopt the custom of taking a gap year. (thesis) Students who take a gap year need to plan a well-educated gap year, with tons of fun. (blueprint 1) Parents and students fear that if the student takes a gap year that they will not go back to school. (blueprint 2)There are lots of benefits of a taking a gap year. (blueprint 3 There has been a lot of research of taking a gap year and how it helps with school. (blueprint 4) A gap year is a period taken by a student as a break between secondary school and higher education. A gap year doesn’t have to be a whole year; it can be a couple of months. If you think a gap year is for you, you need to plan it (Knoll, 2012, 17). Students who don’t plan a gap…show more content…
A gap year is a way to refresh (Rubenstone, n.d.), not a way to add more stress. Students wish they could go and explore the world, without worrying about going back to class and having tons of homework or work. A gap year is for students to explore and go places they have never been before. Exploring is a top reason students take a gap year. Other times students take a gap year to volunteer and do things they don’t have time to do if in school (Miller, 2015, 1). Volunteering gives students experience that they didn’t get in school. The school is about learning and teaching you some skills you probably will never use again. With exploring and volunteering gives you something you can use when you go back to school and work. Some students who take a gap year report being more satisfied with their jobs. Not everyone goes to school being more satisfied, some students say that after taking a gap year their interest changes (Rubenstone, n.d.). There has been a 92% of experience and growth of personally from students who take a gap year (Gap year date . . . n.d.). (Blueprint
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