Gap Year Advantages And Disadvantages

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After high school most students will go straight to college, but those who don 't might take a gap year. A gap year is a time between high school and college that students can take to further explore what they want to study in college, get a job or internship, travel, volunteer, or other opportunities. There are many advantages of taking a year off, but there also disadvantages that can effect how the rest of your education will go. For students who have a plan for their time off, their gap year will most likely have a positive effect. However, it can be detrimental to a students education who take a gap year not knowing what they are going to do during their time off. Whether a gap year is beneficial or not can also be dependent on a students individual personality and preferences. Taking a gap year is very beneficial because students can take time to figure out what they want to study and…show more content…
If a student takes a gap year with out a specific plan, they may not use their time to its fullest potential. If a student is out of their regular routine, it may be a harder transition for them to jump back into school. A student may also feel as if they are being left out if they take a year off. While they are not in school all of their friends will be so it can be a challenge if the student is not using their time to do something productive. Students who participate in a gap year need to be fully committed and have a plan of what they are going to do during their time off. Students cant just take a gap year because they are tired of school; if they did this then that is probably a sign that they aren 't fully committed to going to college. A gap year is not to be taken lightly. Its is for students who have a plan of going to college after they take their time off. The benefits of a gap year come from being fully committed to the project and having a set plan for the
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