Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

The purpose of this gap analysis is to take the current situation at Global Communications and outline problems and opportunities, identify stakeholders and the roles they play in the decisions Global Communications are making to outsource jobs, and discuss the end-state goals that the company needs to reach to be successful and analyze what they have accomplished and what it will take to achieve. Global Communications is a successful telecommunications company that recognizes the advantages of global competition and through recent decisions, has forged a plan that could launch them to a successful place in the world of global telecommunications.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

According to the introduction in the Global Communication Scenario, Global Communications stocks sell for 11 dollars per share, 17 dollars down from three years ago when it sold for 28 dollars per share, yielding more than 50 percent depreciation. Because of the immense growth in all industries, specifically telecommunications, too much competition has been created. As a result, Global Communications decided to work to create more solutions for smaller businesses and consumers while attacking the competition of local telephone and cable providers offering similar services by creating an alliance with a satellite company to allow consumers to access broadband internet anywhere, anytime. The scenario also detailed how the senior management team also plans to make Global Communications a truly global company by marketing GC internationally.

One issue brought up is the price of the stocks. One cause for the depreciation is definitely too much competition. One opportunity for Global Communications is to look at the current consumer situation and identify upcoming needs and create solutions based on those needs. By recognizing the cable companies and telephone companies that offer cable, telephone and internet bundles, and creating similar, but better packages, GC is better able to compete and can also expand resources by becoming an ally to the satellite provider for broadband wireless internet. In meeting the needs of the consumer, GC will be a front leader in the market, obtaining new customers and maintaining established customers, driving the stock price back up.

One problem internally is the lack of communication within Global Communications. The senior management team gave wind of a decision to make drastic changes to GC to the union liaison, but did not follow proper steps to ensure the side of the union or the employees was heard when considerations were made for this decision.

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