Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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In this paper, one will find a gap analysis between Global Communications (GC) senior management and other key stakeholders in the organization. The current situation is that of Global Communications, a telecommunications company that is in the need of changing its strategies of competition in the growing market in order to maintain its presence in the industry. If changes are not made, Global Communications will no longer exist in the ever growing telecommunications market. This change consists of outsourcing and forming new call centers that will increase technical sophistication and improve profits along with increasing the company's growth. The decision to do this has caused an issue within the organization due to the lack of communications between senior management and key stakeholders (Union/employees) as to where this strategy leads to downsizing and the loss of jobs, loss of benefits, and pay cuts for those who will be relocated. This decision clearly shows that the stakeholders involved have different interests and values than that of senior management's. Because of the differences in point of views within the company, an analysis is needed to form a solution to the problem that Global Communications has in the organization. The problem solution to GC's issues lie in the implementation of effective communication and involving all key stakeholders in the decision making processes that relate to company's wellbeing and changes. GC should use the Nine-Step Problem-Solving model as an aid in resolving their current issues that lie within the organization. Once this process goes into effect, the organization could use this model as an aid in any other systematic problems associated with the company.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

At Global Communications (GC), the senior management was ineffective in their responsibility to communicate with key stakeholders within the organization before major decisions were made in trying to set company goals. The goals GC envisioned were to increase growth and profits so the company would still exist and survive in the industry. GC wants to outsource and set up new call centers rather than use the current employees. With the plan, the strategy would encompass a major downsizing and many employees would be let go. In addition to the many let go, those remaining would be relocated and expected to take a 10% pay cut.

The opportunities for GC lie from this current situation and experience; skills can be developed by management to better handle communication, the planning of unexpected events, also the management of risk and conflict within the organization.

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