Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

The telecommunications industry is struggling and the share owners are not happy with negative returns and they are loosing confidence in the industry to recover. There is tremendous pressure on the industry to turn around and Global Communications (GC) is feeling the heat of the competition and it's been reflected on there share prices.

Global Communications is finding it very difficult to compete in local and international markets for the same business. There are ongoing issues with competition creating better product with cost effective plans and with more options to the customers. Global Communication is not able to compete with these low cost providers so they have to create a new market plan to keep there market share and there stockholders happy.

Global Communications upper management has approved a new plan to introduce new services to small businesses and individual customers, who will be served in both local and long distance markets. GC will also collaborate with other companies to provide video services and wireless access to customers.

The Global Communications upper management has a vision to make the company a global company and an industry leader in the next three years. Global Communications has also introduced a cost cutting plan that involves outsourcers its information technology business from the US to India and Ireland to save 40% in labor costs. GC's management hopes that the above plan will help them reduce cost and increase there revenues; however, there were many issues that the management did not address when assembling their cost cutting plan.

This paper will provide an overview of Global Communications intentions on what they wanted to achieve with the reorganization. GC faced several communications and decision making challenges in the process of the initial decision to reorganize and to implement the reorganization plan. The reorganization plan has some conflicting interests and values among the stakeholders so the management must identify the issues and make a decision that is in the best interest of not just the company, but all the individuals that have an interest in the outcome of the decision.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

The management of Global Communications has decided on a vision to become an industry leader and global company within three years. Global Communications has implemented a cost efficient plan that will help reduce cost and improve profitability and also they plan to officer new services to there small business customers and some individual customers.

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