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To be trapped is to feel taken over by a superior being. One could feel trapped inside themselves, or by someone else, sometimes it can mean physically, by someone or something. For the United States’ instance, we continuously, and progressively get trapped by the immense growing population of criminally involved groups known as gangs. Influencing much of what America is today, gangs have a tight hold on major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. They take responsibility for many robberies, fights, murders, and any type of violence in general. Of course not every gang is as the such, there are some that plan to keep with their own business and rule themselves or their small communities however they want to, but the increase of criminal gangs has caused much dispute in the world itself.

The first ever gang-group was created just after the American Revolution ended around 1783. This group consisted of White European immigrants, mainly English, German, and Irish. However, the first serious gang originated around 1820 in New York City. At many times gangs were made informally, in 1826, in the back room of Rosanna Peer’s greengrocery, the first well-organized gang was formed. Through the 1860 to 1980’s period, many more gangs produced in New York City. Asian and European descent, the Chinese, Italians, Austrians, and many more began to create even worse slum conditions for the City. The criminal activity had started to shift around New York, from Manhattan to East Harlem, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. Many fighting gangs soon began to emerge from the African descent, and a little ways after, black gangs appeared around 1950. Later in the 1950’s, a “slum clearance” project in the City began where several thousan...

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...hese states include Florida, Texas, Boston, and many others. New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles have continuously worked on improving the amount of violent gangs present. Police quarters have contacted one another in order to keep a look out for possible threats. The presence of gangs has grown immensely, as of 2011, 1.4 million gang members were found in the US, participating in about 33,000 gangs. A small percentage of that number being non-violent, creating lives for regular people to live and feel safe in, and more deaths/damage to America itself. In my opinion, I think the police should continue going into detail, and participating in undercover activity until they find the main source of each gang possible which, in turn, would finally lead to the highest leaders who will be stopped and end criminal violence caused by gangs for America’s years to come.
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