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Gangs Works Cited Missing Gangs are a violent reality that people have to deal with in today's cities. What has made these groups come about? Why do some kids feel that being in a gang is an acceptable and prestigious way to live? There are many different theories to these questions. On the surface, gangs may appear to be shallow and materialistic; a result of human beings' personal wants, but there are speculations that are more profound. In reference to the way humans are influenced in society, there is valid evidence to distribute blame at negative forces of economic disadvantages, capitalism, and the media. Along with gang membership comes easy gains for the gang member. The gang members are easily consumed with the money, power, protection, and thrill that being a part of a gang can offer. Instead of committing to a 9 to 5, considering if the unemployment rate would permit it, gang members can easily get the desirables all rolled into the package that accompanies gang initiation. They get the sense of identity, status, and boost in self-esteem that human nature craves, (Grinney 76) but not without the cons. The risks that these gang members take on include loosing their lives to the spur of a few short-term thrills. ¡°[The appeal of] Gang life is predicated on immediate economic gain from drug and other crime profits and social gain from the agency of rulelessness. Mainstream life is oriented toward the future, and social and material gains are slower but steadier, more reliable, and less risky.¡± (Fleisher 214) Even though, the material gains seem to be the obvious temptation, there are deeper meanings to why these children turn to gangs. Gang members are being influenced by a society in which while the negative ... ... middle of paper ... were just two in the many tragic accidents that are provoked by obscenity such as Gangsta Rap. U.S. District Judge Jose Gonzales declared a rap group¡¯s (2 Live Crew) albums obscene saying ¡°Obscenity is not a protected form of speech under the U.S. Constitution.¡±(Tucker 21) It is entirely unfortunate that so many of America¡¯s youth are subjected to such low standards of life that they turn to gangs just to stay alive only to end up dying. In prevention of the risks of gang membership, the society should begin taking drastic measures. If home life for a child has its tribulations, let there be a positive society, a resourceful community, or a caring neighbor that he can turn to. It would make the task of minimizing gangs a lot less complicated if the negative influences of the media, capitalism, and flaws of the economic situation were also being minimized.

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