Gaming Consoles : The Future

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Gaming consoles have become the future with many add ons to make new advanced technology. The beginning of gaming consoles was in the year of 1967 with the name of Brown Box. With this there were many advances into this new technology in which was first thought as a failure but became a great success in the future after people from different parts in the world started to make their own inventions which could simply change the way people used gaming consoles around the world. At around the 1972 the Odyssey came out with little few changes but a big difference in materials and also better graphics than the Brown Box. The Brown Box had only 6 games that were ping pong, tennis, handball, volleyball, etc. Even though it was the first gaming console it still didn’t include sound when playing the games and so more and more productions of different brands of consoles appeared around different parts of the world where resources were available and competition grew and so did the ideas as great as ever. A couple companies that revolutionized these gaming consoles into what we know them for today are Nintendo, Sega, Bandai, Atari, Sony, and Microsoft. Nintendo being the most successful company throughout the years and most dominant company in the market has made some remarkable advancements in gaming consoles the past decade and continue to make better models in which make other competitors equal in quality and resolution.These companies include Sony and at times Microsoft which so far are the top with the best attachments to make any gamer dream what else can they do to make what is known to be the best any better. Sega, Atari, and Bandai are known to be the nerd 's favorite toy since only a few people still use the console even after their ... ... middle of paper ... ...ith games and also certain features. Then also the ps franchise came with many games and also like the xbox they were able to play online and also had a online market. Comparing the ps1 to the ps4 there is so many differences that it is believed that it might be a whole different thing since the graphics and also attachments make the ps4 the best out of all of them and is best compared to the xbox one and even pc games. New improvements and future advancements for gaming consoles can include virtual or augmented reality making the gaming experience much more intense and realistic. More efficient Cloud gaming can also be implemented more in the near future allowing for the game to be connected to a fast and stable Internet. These changes will change the gaming consoles into a whole new experience. Gaming consoles will continue to be evolved and improved. Acosta, Wang
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