Gamers Vs. Video Games

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Gamers Playing video games is a relatively new concept and for many people they seem to think that people who play video games are lazy, and for the most part unsocial. This may be true for some people that play video games but to some this isn’t true at all. My own experience for the most with gaming is that I love playing video games; it is my main form of entertainment. There are many stereotypes that gamers have been given and it isn’t fair to the people that they don’t apply to. Some people have careers with gaming either for entertainment purposes or actually creating the games. The goal of this paper is to take the readers perspective of gamers and change it in a positive manor. For my own personal experience playing video games has its ups and downs. Some of the positives that have come from gaming in my personal experience is that my reaction time is better from split second reactions from online shooters, friendships with people online from playing games, and an understanding and appreciation of different genres of games that I wouldn’t be inclined to like if I had not played them. But from the positives that come from gaming also has brought negatives to my life as well. I had a problem with gaming for years where my main focus for anything was gaming and gaming only. My grades were dropping and all I would enjoy was gaming mainly because I am so good at it. The main stereotype is that “Game players are stereotypically male and young, pale, from too much time indoors and socially inept. As a new generation of isolated and lonely ‘couch potatoes,’ young male game players are far from aspirational figures” (Geek or Chic 1). This whole depiction of people who play video games is not true at all, but for some people thes... ... middle of paper ... larger in the last couple years and it continues to grow as time progresses, in the future it has the potential to be as large as sports that are televised today like hockey or football. With the amount of people playing video games on the rise it should be more acceptable to play them. From playing video games I have been able to spark friendships with people from all around the world, I have found a passion that I love, and something that I am really good at. With the studies that have been conducted it has been able to show that just because people play games doesn’t mean they are unsocial, unmotivated, or unlikely to succeed. For most people it is just a pastime, alternative form of traditional entertainment other than television, or even jobs for some. In the near future my hope is that the depiction and overall image of gamers is changed to a better light.

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