Game Of Thrones Gender Analysis

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Game of Thrones is a fantasy piece, set during the medieval times, which takes place in a country called Westeros. Although it is set in a different time and place than where we are today, the show still has the same constructs, and built by the same fabrics that define our gender roles here in America. This show is a great example of gender roles, and what happens when people follow these rules or stray from them. Taking an in depth view of the season one opener, “Winter is Coming” helps reveal many of the social constructs not typically thought of that build our daily lives. This episode also portrays that gender roles are not just dependent on sex, but on social class, and physical characteristics. Men fulfilling their gender role in…show more content…
This is evident in the very first scene in the opening episode by a “Man of the Knights Watch” who ran away from his duties at the wall. The man is seen as a coward, and sentenced to death by Ned Stark. According to Devor “Children’s developing concepts of themselves as individuals are necessarily bound up in their need to understand the expectations of the society of which they are a part” (28). The man of the nights watch did not meet the expectations of his society, and he was killed for it. Women who step outside their gender role are often ridiculed in Game of Thrones, but don 't suffer the same consequence. This echoes Devor when she stated “There almost seems to be a guarded respect for girls who enjoy some of the privileges and skills which are usually reserved for the socially dominant gender” (40). For example Arya is shown growing bored of sewing with her sister in the episode, and sneaks off to shoot a bow and arrow. Arya hits a bullseye which embarrasses her brother because he is not as good as a girl, so he chases her off. Some men possess masculine qualities, but are not seen as men because of their looks. For example Tyrion, who goes to brothels, and drinks wine in excessive amounts. Tyrion is able to live this lifestyle, because of his wealthy family. Devor states that “Economic achievement, bureaucratic power, physical strength, aggression, and emotional toughness are major indicators of masculinity” (38). Tyrion exudes all of these characteristics throughout Game of Thrones, but is seen as less than manly because he is a

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