Gals vs. Women

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Gals vs. Women

This article is about gals. It's not an article about women. There are way too many books about women, and most of them are way too serious.

Women itself is a serious word, not to mention womanhood and womanly. While being female is a serious activity, there is a lighter side which is rarely examined or written about.

But women tend to attach too much significance to womanhood. This results in certain characteristically feminine, by which I mean over exaggerated self-important, behavioral patterns that can produce unfortunate results. These things include, but are not limited to, women being viewed as ruthless bitches who will step on anyone to get the best of a man. These things have given females a bad name. And the "Woman's Movement," which is supposed to give women more rights, seems to be densely populated with masculine looking para-military types. (These "females" require an entirely different category, but I will leave that discussion for a later time. For now I will write about those females which I believe fit into "normal parameters.")

So I'm saying that there's another way to look at females: not as aggressive career hungry ego-maniacs; not as sensitive, Suzy Homemaker; but as gals.

And what, exactly, do I mean by "gals"? I don't know. I haven't thought that much about it. Females whether women or gals do spend a lot of time pondering about our deepest feelings, but women think a lot about what it means to be a woman, and gals just are.

But although I can't define exactly what it means to be a gal, I can describe certain gal characteristics, such as:

Gals Do Not Have A Rigid And Well-Defined Code Of What It Takes To Be A Woman

This is not the same as saying that gals do not consider themselves women, or do not think about being a woman, but gals do not get hung up thinking about it. Gals have never really grasped the Basic Code Of What It Takes To Be A Woman, such as matching their handbag, shoes, and belt, or only wearing white shoes between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Or is it Labor Day and Memorial Day? (A Woman, would know and have these dates marked and memorized.)

Take my two dogs as examples, Blue, a neurotic dog who can only be categorized as a guy, and Katie, a gal dog.