Galileo's Argument Against Galileo

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The Catholic Church was not justified in attempt to stifle Galileo’s scientific views. The Catholic church should have not imprisoned Galileo because of his findings. It was and still is morally wrong to blame an individual because they have corrected history. The Catholic Church believed that their word and beliefs were right, even when they weren’t scientifically correct. Enforcing incorrect views on individuals just to benefit your religion is morally and socially wrong. The political aspect falls in place when the Catholic Church uses their authority to imprison Galileo.
Galileo Galilei was an Tuscan astronomer, physicist, mathematician, inventor, and philosopher. Although he did not finish college, he still became a professor and chair of mathematics at the University. He taught for many years and made many discoveries in physics. He helped to mathematically describe ballistics and the force of friction, as it relates to motion. This would become similar to Newton’s First Law. Galileo then became interested in optics and astronomy. He built his first telescope and began to make observations. He
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Galileo released his proof and writings to the people of Europe. After being humiliated, the Catholic Church decided that Galileo should be put on trial in Rome. He was accused of heresy and was forced to say that all of his findings were wrong, which he firstly denied that, after being imprisoned for a while, he would deny his own findings to be released. Because of the insecurities of the Catholic Church between themselves and Galileo’s work, he was monitored for the last 10 years of his life. Although he was censored, he would continue to keep writing about physics. Galileo’s findings were a prime base for future scientific
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