Galileo Galilei's Contribution To The Renaissance And The History Of The Renaissance

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The renaissance was a period of intellectual movement in the Italy that became a gateway to the early modern western civilization. Starting as a cultural movement in the Italy, the renaissance spread throughout the Europe witnessing the rebirth of art, science, music, religion and self-awareness tremendously. It brought many moments with the help of intellect thinkers, inventors and explorers who helped in bringing new conceptions of life and the universe. For an instance, Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei also played very important role in history of renaissance. Moreover, the publication of Galilei’s “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems” is regarded as one of the most important and influential moments in the history which shaped…show more content…
Next, he saw four moons of Jupiter revolving around the Jupiter. Although, these discoveries did not prove the Copernicus’s theory, they gave framework for thinking universe in the new terms. He thought perhaps earth’s moon also revolves around the planet while the earth orbits around the sun. His another observation was that the Venus itself had phases like the moon had, even though the planet always appeared as a bright spot from the earth. (Strano 23-9). Moreover, in “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems,” the astronomer Galileo Galilei did not prove that earth revolves around the sun or rotates in its axis, but he did prove Ptolemy was wrong about the arrangement of the planets (Gingerich 141). Thereafter, Galileo wanted to Earth was moving, not the sun, and he got his answer by observing ocean tides. “Galileo explains how the observed motion of the sea is a direct consequence of the two absolute motions of the earth in space: its axial rotation and its orbital motion about the sun” (Naylor 11-5). In short, he argues that the motion of earth cause tidal waves to move. The book was popular in its time before Roman Catholic church banned it. The church had an issue with Galileo supporting

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