Galapagos Islands And Madagascar - Similarities And Differences

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The Galapagos Islands and Madagascar compare and contrast in many ways. The Galapagos Islands are made up of twelve smaller islands with larger cliffs. Madagascar is one full island on the coast of Africa with vast ranges of mountains. The Galapagos is in the Pacific and Madagascar is in the Indian. They are both very similar even though they are located on opposite sides of the world. The two islands have unique species of animals and plants. The Galapagos and Madagascar both show evidence of evolution.

With them on opposite sides of the world they both have very different climates. The air temperature in the Galapagos is between sixty-eight and eighty-four degrees Fahrenheit. While Madagascar has an average temperature of fifty-nine to sixty-nine degrees Fahrenheit. On the East Coast of Madagascar the average amount of rainfall is three and a half meters a year. While over in the lower regions of the Galapagos the average is two to four inches a year. But in the Galapagos about every five to seven years there is a sudden climate change caused by the El Niño. On the opposite side...
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