Gaining a “sense of the arts” through music

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Gaining a “sense of the arts” through music

The arts are forms of personal and social expression. They stimulate imagination, thinking, thinking, and understanding. The arts are fundamental in the development of children, who can feel as well as think, and who are sensitive and creative. In early childhood education children identify and express the feelings and ideas in different forms such as music, dance, drama, and visual arts.

This essay highlights the key ideas of how young children between the ages of three to five make sense through art such as music. Furthermore, this essay makes links to early childhood curriculum as a bicultural perspective. It concludes with the role of teachers and adults in providing support during music.

Art as music

Music is a unique way of making sense of sound. It is also a way of knowing how children see the world, express their views and how they come to know the world. Feeney et al, (2006) emphasises that arts such as music help children to develop their senses and they are essential part of children’s growing up. Listening to music is fundamental to all forms of music-making and musical experience. To hear music is relatively easy, provided no physical barriers exist. However, to listen to music with understanding and comprehension requires repeated exposure and guided learning. The ability to listen with understanding and comprehension enhances all learning activities, and should therefore become an integral part of early childhood learning centres. Developing this ability at such a young age will have long-term benefits for a life-long learning program.

Many musical activities require children to wait their turn, listen to each other, hold their instrument still until they h...

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...vidually and in groups, provides opportunities for purposeful contributions” (MOE, 1996, p. 96).

One of the main responsibilities of teachers is to facilitate creativity and not to limit or extinguish the natural talent of children. For example, as teachers we should move with children, so that they learn to move their bodies to the rhythm of the music. As teachers we should encourage with words such as: “you are a good singer” Or “do you like this music?” (Brownlee, 1991).


It is extremely important for teachers to motivate and encourage children to be involved through the arts. Additionally, teachers should stimulate children’s reflective thinking. Moreover, professional development is extremely important for teachers. Teachers can participate in programs to learn the techniques of an arts-integrated approach to education.

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