Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Love In The Time Of Cholera

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In Love in the Time of Cholera, Gabriel Garcia Marquez takes a complete turn from the usual notion that love comes straight from the heart. The story follows the journey of Florentino Ariza in reclaiming the unrequited love from Fermina Daza, wife of Dr. Juvenal Urbino. The three protagonists share different views about love but share Marquez 's underlying principle that love is a driving force in a person 's life. The author shows that the actions of the each protagonist depend on their perspective on love. Fermina Daza 's interprets love as a means of achieving utmost self-satisfaction. At first, she shows affection towards Florentino, in defiance of her father 's disapproval of Florentino. Fermina only loved Florentino to rebel against her father 's decision. Also,…show more content…
An example of this behaviour is when the two lovers, Florentino and Fermina, start to exchange letters between each other. While writing the letters, Florentino "had no mercy as he poisoned himself with the smoke from the palm oil lamps"(69). His letters cause his health to deteriorate; however, he never stops writing them. In fact, the sole reason for him to express his love is by inflicting damage on himself. This is similar to a worshipper who tolerates pain and suffering to understand god. In a way, the pain, that he experiences, motivates him to continue this behaviour. Florentino drinks his mother 's cologne "in order to discover other tastes of his beloved"(65). This action further proves that Florentino relishes agony for the sake of love. Furthermore, he believes that pain is a gateway for lovers to understand each other. When Lorenzo, Fermina 's father discovers about their relationship, he invites Florentino to discuss the matter. However, when Fermina 's father threatens him, Florentino says, "There is no greater glory than to die for love"(82). Florentino can even end his life for love rather than just suffering little by

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