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Many succeed people begin with zero or lack of knowledge before they turn into successful persons. The key that change their lives and brought them to success is the perfect education. Perfect educations are important for all people from all generations to achieve their dreams and change their lives in the future. Educations can be divided into two types, which are direct education and indirect education. Direct education is the education that learned at school, involving various subjects and lessons and may using books like Science, Mathematics and English. The purpose is to gain and increase knowledge. Meanwhile, indirect education is the education that exposed about moral values, ethics, attitudes, manners, soft skills and other things that relates to our lives and well being. They can be learned from family, parents and all people for free. Both educations are essential and need to be exposed to citizens in order to provide the citizens with good attitudes and knowledge. However, many people make the money as an excuse to not having education, especially direct education due to the cost that they need to pay. As a result, many people suggest and request that government should provide free education to citizens. From my opinion, government should not provide free education to citizens for several reasons.

The first reason education should not provide free to all citizens is too many people to be sponsored. The average of people in this country tends to increase day by day. As the amount of people increase, this is meant that there are too many people to be sponsored in the education by the government. The education fee for each person is high and not appropriate to be sponsored. In spite of that, many people are not ...

... middle of paper ... the idea to avoid more harm effects encounter us in the future. As a good citizen, we should also think about the other priorities to ensure the flow of development running smoothly. We must change our mindset and think positively. Education may not be free because the government lack of money and they needs to pay the people who are teaches and work in educational area. The fees may also not free to avoid the tax payments and lessen the daily cost of living for our benefits. Besides, it is to generate persons with skills and soft skills to develop our country. Even though it may be impossible and hard for us to get free educations, on the other hand, we have a right to voice out loud and suggest to the government to minimize or decrease the amount of education fees. Perhaps, it will succeed. Therefore, think before you act if you don’t want it turns into wreck.
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