GMO's And Why They're Bad

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You’ve decided to go grocery shopping with your mother, and your mom decides to go to the local big store where they sell all kinds of big brands. Would you know which ones are genetically modified or not? In 2010 around two thirds of all kinds of food in US grocery stores are genetically modified and during 2013 it has raised to 90%. The main situation about Genetically Modified Foods, is that they are barely tested before actual humans consume them, many of them have corresponding health problems. You also can’t pick to eat them or not especially since they’re not labeled. Genetically modified foods have many characteristics that are harmful to a person’s health, which therefore should be banned from grocery stores.

It’s not hard to think back in time when food was healthier and more organic. How did we get to the point where GMO’s are so invaded in so much of what we eat? During 1935 a Russian scientist named Andrei Nikolaevitch Belozersky isolated DNA in it’s pure state for the first time. After quite a while, in 1980 the first genetically modified food patent was issued. In 1980, a court case between a genetics engineer at General Electric and Patent Office is was put in order to allow for the first legal protection on a living organism. The GMO is a bacterium that feeds on natural oil (also known as crude oil) that could be one of the solutions to cleaning up oil spills in the ocean.. Through the later 1900’s, the government liked the idea of genetically engineered organisms, so throughout the time of 1994, genetically modified food had hit grocery stores. The U.S drug and food administration allows a special kind of tomato for sale on grocery store shelves, called the “flavr savr tomato.” This tomato has a dela...

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...hibians, soil organisms and marine ecosystems

Since being a controversial topic, there are two sides to genetically engineered food. Genetically engineered foods are supported by many people, because they compose foods that feed more people because they’re larger. Since they’re larger, they’re supposed to have more nutrients in them as well. They also can help with increased yields and stronger crops, which will link to enhanced farming technique. One of the best reasons GMO’s are “good” is because, they can be transported long distances since they have an increased resistance to spoilage with a better coverage.

There was notified problems of allergies due to GM foods, some have even killed people. As Genetically engineered food area unlabeled it makes it even worse for the people who are consuming this product. Gmo’s should be banned from grocery stores.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that two thirds of all kinds of food in us grocery stores are genetically modified and that they are barely tested before actual humans consume them.
  • Explains how genetically engineered organisms were introduced into food in the late 1900s. genetically modified food became popular in 1999, and monsanto's patent expired.
  • Explains that genetically modified foods have harmful effects on humans and the environment. monsanto doesn't allow gmo's to be assisted in cafeterias.
  • Explains why genetically modified organisms aren't labeled. biotech companies claim that gm foods are safe to eat, but 90% of americans want food labels to state if they are gmed.
  • Explains that gmo's harm the environment, reducing biodiversity, and causing pesticides. gm foods can spread their new infused genes into the wild, which results in awful effects.
  • Explains the two sides of genetically engineered food. they are supported by many people because they feed more people, have more nutrients, and can help with increased yields.
  • Opines that genetically engineered food should be banned from grocery stores.
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