GMO Food: The Pros And Cons Of Gmo Food

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GMO food are Genetically Modified Organisms that have had new genes from other organisms that have had new genes from other organism added to their existing gene . According to Brown University say the goal of such genetics engineering is to give the original organisms new characteristics such as disease resistance . Although Gmo Food may have several benefits to your health and the general well being of the farming industry it may also present several potential draw back . Genetically Modified Food are not good for the human race for multiple reason 1 main reason is all the harsh chemical found in them another reason is because of…show more content…
The genes inserted into genetically modified food soy can transfer into dna of bacteria liviing inside of humans . The gene inserted into Genetically Modified Food . Soy can transfer into the DNA of bacteria living inside of humans "it had also been cited that animals studies showing organ damage , gastrin test in and immune system disorders accelerated aging system and infertility " - (AATM ) the toxic insecticide produced by genetically modified corn was found in the blood of pregnant women 's and there unborn fetus roundup herbicide has been shown to cause bird defects in amphibians , embryonic death and endocrine disruptions and organ damage in animal even at low doses . Between 1996 - 2008 U.S Farmers sprayed an extra 383 million use of roundup result in super weeds this causing farmers to use even more toxic every year . Another affect it has on the world population is it made the percentage of Americans with 3 or more chronic illness jump from 7 % to 13 % in 9 years . Also the soil organism they The Bt-toxin produced in GM crops is vastly different from the bacterial [ Bt-toxins ] used in organic and traditional farming and forestry GM plants produce about 3,000-5,000 times the amount of

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