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Greenhouse gasses may cause major cities to flood, but if humanity takes control there is a chance to save the planet and millions of lives. With the increase of technology humanity has not taken consideration of how the gases that many sources of technology put out can negatively impact the environment.Greenhouse gases are the main cause of global warming, and if not stopped could flood major cities.
Greenhouse gases are gases that are carbon dioxide. They get into the environment by pollution. For example semi-trucks put out a thick black gas that we see, but inside the gas is a lot of carbon molecules. The carbon goes out into the atmosphere and collects. The Earth’s atmosphere acts as a greenhouse, so the more and more carbon molecules there are the hotter the earth will get. The Earth’s atmosphere traps in all of the carbon, so when the sun heats the Earth it also heats up the carbon by making the molecules get excited and go faster like in a microwave. Another sign to show that the Earth is heating up is forest fires. In some parts of the world there is becoming less and less rainfall and an increase of droughts do to global warming. This problem of no water is causing forest fires. With this increase of forest fires there will be less plants to take in all of the carbon that is being produced by

Dunham 3 pollution. This is also negative because it leads to deforestation. Deforestation is the clearing of trees and other plants in a ecosystem. Without as many plants and an increase of human population the plants might not be able to keep up with the supply and demand of oxygen. Deforestation can also lead to the extinction of animals because their habitat is being destroyed.
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...ease and can lead to major health problems around the world. The technology will more than likely not increase fast enough to keep up with the new diseases that will rapidly spread because of global warming.
Global warming is an extreme problem that if not dealt with properly can lead to the destructruction of the world as we know it. Major cities would be at risk of flooding and could permanently endanger the economy of the world. It could also cause freak weather patterns which could cause devastation to millions of people. The change in weather could also cause disease carrying bugs to continue to live and interbreed creating many new types of disease that could be the cause of
Dunham 5 millions of deaths worldwide. One thing is for certain, if humanity doesn’t act now the world in the future will be an impossible place to live on successfully.
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