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Introduction: Canada established relations with South Africa as far back as 1939. It was primarily due to the outbreak of World War 2 when they fought together in the war. In the early 1960s, Canada supported South Africa to end the apartheid system (racial segregation) in return for re-entry to common wealth. In the 1970s, Canada formed a trading relationship with South Africa resulting in exports of machinery, pharmaceuticals, aircraft parts, inorganic chemicals and electrical machinery. South Africa exported metals, stones, fruits, nuts, machinery and beverages (Government of Canada, 2013). In the 1980s, Canada promoted South Africa to become a multi-cultural democratic society, resulting in the first multi racial election in 1994. After 1994 Canada supported South Africa for re-entry in multi lateral organizations, which comprises of individuals from many countries. They have worked together on the renewal of the nuclear-non-proliferation treaty, formed the World Trade Organization and the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (Government of Canada, 2013). In 2000 Canada and Sout...

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