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what is the concept of engineering?
Engineering is working hand in hand with the rules of nature. All what we are living in today as human is by virtue of engineering. Engineering has begun since the beginning of humanity. People in the past learned how to use the environment materials in order to achieve the requirements of life and to help them to survive. Engineering simply means the ability to solve problems. By understanding the world's problems, and by focusing and trying to solve them we give a simple definition to the word engineering. The engineering has many branches which have evolved over time and one of these branches is bioengineering which contains also many branches such as Genetic Engineering.

Genetic Engineering
According to website, Genetic Engineering is "the development and application of scientific methods , procedures, and technologies that permit direct manipulation of genetic material in order to alter the hereditary traits of a cell, organism, or population." ( website). Genetic Engineering is nothing new, people have been altering the traits or characters of plants and animals for thousands of years; as a result to improve them and to let them resist any kind of diseases. People have learned also how to apply genetic engineering in several areas such as medicine, food and drugs. They have made crops with sufficient immunity against insects. Moreover, Genetic Engineering has enabled the production of human insulin and that is by transfer of the human insulin gene into bacteria that become able to produce it.

What is the gene?
Each organism consists of different types of cells in which there are nucleuses that contain about 99.9 of genes and also...

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People perspective
People are divided into two groups from their perspective to Genetic Engineering. There are groups like scientists and politicians who belief the genetic engineering will lead the world to a bright future free of famine and diseases. In contrast, there are groups who doubt it. They fear that it would cause health problems; as a result from manipulating by the laws of nature. According to Steve L. Taylor, of the Department of food Science and Technology at the university of Nebraska, "None of the current biotech products have been implicated in allergic reaction or any other health care problem in people."

Unlimited prospect
There is nothing impossible or standing against the science vista. We might one day live in a safe world full grace and free of diseases. Genetic Engineering is the key to solve the humanity problems.
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