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Introduction Green computing can be defined as a detailed study and practice of all forms of eco-friendly resources. The topic is being studied by various IT organizations and companies and businesses from all other industries. In the span of the past few years, companies from the computer industry has realized the fact that going green by adopting green devices, software and cloud computing is in their best interest. Whether, it is about public relations or reducing costs, Green computing offers a number of benefits for all organizations and companies (Bing and Yan et al., 2009, pp. 2311--2319). To begin with, it is important to consider why and how green computing should be adopted. Firstly, green computing complements industry standards, designs, developmental considerations and disposal of IT operations while posing a minimal impact on the environment. At the same time, it also helps in reducing the operational costs which is indeed in the best interests for all organizations, enterprises and companies. Organizations are using green computing devices and software in terms of designing and implementing varying green computing technologies (Wang, 2008, pp. 121--126). The stages included in the green computing lifecycle are: strategy, designing, implementation, operations and repeated improvements. It is important to note that there are 5 central green computing technologies that have been advocated by GCI including: Green Computing Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Power Optimization and Virtualization. There are a number of companies who are already using these technologies and approaches in their production processes and services. Companies like Dell and HP are also using these technologies by offering a specialized PC recycling ... ... middle of paper ... ... different phases of peak operation • Saving enormous amounts of energy during idle operation • Using environment friendly sources of energy • Limiting the harmful effects of different computing devices and technologies • Reducing the amounts of computing wastes The domain of green computing technologies encompasses a wide range of subjects. Whether it be renewable energy sources or energy efficient devices, GCTs will surely influence all of our daily life activities. In response to green computing a number of companies including: Google, Microsoft, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Dell, HP and VIA have adopted different energy efficient approaches. One of the main concern of companies and organizations all over the world is to address the environmental issues including carbon footprints. It is a measure of the high levels of impact of human activities on the environment.
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