Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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"Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid," Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Dostoevsky was a well accomplished Russian author with a style unique to himself. He lived a very hard life starting from the time he was a young boy in St. Petersburg. He lived his teen years in a boarding school until he was sent off to an Army Engineering Academy with his older brothers. His young adult years were spent in a prison cell and serving in his country's army. His real art began when he was discharged from the army for the second time in March 18, 1859. While much of his life was spent many of his younger years in the military and jail, his true passion was writing. Dostoevsky was on of the great authors of his time, with a style unique to himself and most off the wall characters in modern literature. It was not long after he was born on October 30, 1821 that he was sent away from home. From the time he was shipped off to a boarding school as a young boy, through the time his mother died Fyodor lived a challenging and complicated life. His mother died on February 27, 1827, and several years later his father sent both him and his older brothers to an Army Engineering Academy in St. Petersburg, his birth city. "My brothers and I were taken to Petersburg to the Engineering Academy and our futures were ruined."(Dostoevsky, his life and work 28) On June 8, 1839 his father was murdered while during a drunken rampage by his peasant workers. (Dostoevsky, his life and work 38) This marked the end of his stay at the Army Engineering Academy. During his childhood years through to his teen years both Fyodor and his older brother Mikhail wanted to become great Russian authors. They were inspired by Pushkin, a man who they never got to mourn the death of due to the fact that he died around the same time as their mother. Fyodor joined the Russian army and graduated as an Army Engineer and moved quickly up the ranks, then later resigned in as a lieutenant October 1844, to pursue a writing career. (http://www.online-literature.com) He joined a group of Utopian Sociologists in 1846 and was jailed for his beliefs in 1849.
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