Future Technology, What to Expect

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Technology today is developing at historically fast rates. Companies are coming out with new devices and ground breaking technology every year, setting the bar higher and higher for what we can accomplish technologically. While technology today is something out of a 1980s’ movie, have you ever wondered what life will be like in ten years? Today car companies all over the world are researching and developing cars that can sense accidents and park themselves. I believe in ten years the technology will be there for cars that drive themselves. How great will it be when you can hit one button and take a nap while your car does all the work of driving you wherever you want to go? I believe this will cause fewer accidents which will help travel become safer and will help eliminate a lot of innocent people dying. No longer will we have to worry about drunk drivers or that old lady who probably should not be operating a car, because they will not have to drive! In ten years the roads will be safer when car companies can provide us with cars that drive themselves. I believe in ten years, cars will no longer need gasoline, but will run on an alternative fuel source. Currently companies are investing a ton of money into research about possible energy sources to power cars other than the current gasoline. I believe these cars of the future will be able to travel farther than the ones we have today, on a more abundant resource. With the way people are searching for the answer to the problem of our oil resources depleting, and the billions, possibly trillions, of dollars to be made, I believe that we are not far from forgetting about gasoline for our cars. Driving is great, but imagine going to space. Virgin Airways is alread... ... middle of paper ... ...ually more and more people will need glasses from staring at screens. The technology we have today is very useful, but also great for entertainment. With as great as technology is today, the next ten years hold even more astounding devices and technological capabilities. For practical devices such as credit cards, supercomputers and new fuel sources to the entertainment technologies of 4D videogames and televisions and glasses that give you knowledge and searching capabilities by using your eyes, the next ten years hold many amazing devices. The ability to heal quicker and to eliminate human error, ultimately saving lives, technology is changing the world. The technology that once seemed impossible or something out of “The Jetsons” will soon be possible within the next ten years. If the future of technology does not excite you, than I do not know what will.
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