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What My Future Holds 1 There’s something about me that loves to inspire others. I love to see the inspiration in others or to be able to help out people in any way gives me great pleasure. I think one of my purposes in my life is to lend a helping hand to people and to also inspire as many people as I can. Finding something that I can do that utilizes both of these qualities would be my ultimate goal and I believe I have found a way to do so.
A way I figured I could do both of those things is through teaching. Not only do I love to help and inspire others I also have a passion for caring for younger kids. With being the youngest child in my family I never really got the chance to help anyone understand or learn something, I more or less was
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Organization is, in my opinion, a very useful trait to posses when being a teacher. Not only will being organized help me out with finding things around my room, but it will also provide a framework for the students trying to learn in the classroom. Also with being organized it will help with making lesson plans and things of that nature be way more thought out to apposed to a person at which decides to just throw something together at the last minute. Being organized helps me to be more prepared and I love the fact of knowing what is going on, especially if it was in my own…show more content…
If I was fortunate enough to marry someone that with their salary we could live comfortably I would want to be a stay at home mother so that I can spend more time with my children as they are growing up. Once my children are at the age of them going to school I could then get a job in which my hours would be flexible enough to be with my children after school is out for them. With that being said becoming a teacher would be a great way of achieving my goal of wanting to be able to see my children more often. Not only would I be at work mostly when they are at school but I also would be off in part of their summer
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