Futile Pursuit Of The American Dream Analysis

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The Futile Pursuit of the American Dream
Americans ' working lives are growing further vulnerable every day. Corporations lay off employees each year, and the benefits and pensions once made certain by "middle-class" jobs are now not enforced anymore. In the Futile Pursuit of the American Dream, Barbara Ehrenreich goes back undercover to explore the economy and the spectral world of the white-collar unemployed. She attempts to land a "middle-class" job with her believable resume. She submits to career coaching, personality testing, boot camps, and attends career fairs, networking events, and evangelical job-search organizations. She had been persuaded, scammed, criticized, and constantly rejected. Futile Pursuit of the American Dream features the people who have acquired college degrees, developed market skills, and built up impressive resumes, although have become repeatedly exposed to financial disaster. Worst of all, there remains to be no absolute true estimate of likely consequences of the severe new economy; rather, the unemployed are convinced that they have only themselves to blame. The piece of advice that had helped, in my opinion to understand according to Barbara Ehrenreich “to do everything possible to land a job, even if it means to be open to every form of support that is
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For them to hear me clearly and with an open mind would be considerate. From the corporation, I would like a paid vacation every year (that is if I go on any). Next, I would like benefits from the company, for an example health benefits, and to be able to work from home when necessary. Third, I would like a well-paying salary, not anything high at first, but possibly when I show my dedication and hard-work I would like an increase in my salary. Furthermore, bonuses when I would work overtime would be acceptable, which would help the corporation further increase in business if more hours were
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