Futhermore's Accomplishments

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498 words

Growing up as a child, my concentration was to have amusement in everything I did. I wasn’t focused on a career or academics, but they soon became concepts and those concepts transformed into dreams. Now I can gaze back in time and say I have fabricated an untraceable path that will continue leading me to success. Initially, I must give God the honor and praise for my success. During my high-school tenure, I received awards that innumerable of my peers and spectators didn’t suspect me to receive, for instance being tapped as a Marshal (Top 10% of class), induction into the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority as an academic scholar and receiving athletic recognitions. Futhermore, I was appointed team captain my junior and senior year of my baseball and football team. Over time I received …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they fabricated an untraceable path that will continue leading them to success.
  • Narrates how they received numerous awards during their high school tenure, such as being tapped as a marshal, inducted into the delta sigma theta sorority, and received congratulatory letters from the house of representatives.
  • Explains that they pursued a college degree while serving in the air force rotc. their resume exemplifies exceptional greatness and leads to their career aspirations.
  • Concludes that they have gained great accomplishments through diligence and god's blessings. the countless hours of dedication and effort are key to their pathway of success.

As a result, I received a scholarship from the United Negro College Funds, Thurgood Marshal, and A&T Alumni Organization. Though I received those, I am consistently striving for additional because nothing is free in this world, especially a college degree. Furthermore, I accomplished the goal of qualifying for the University’s Deans List by exemplifying outstanding academics and receiving a summer internship offer from XPOLogistics. Along with college, I received a warrior flight award in the ROTC for leading my flight to be more warrior oriented than others. In the same way, I received a warrior spirt award, which represents one cadet that impacts flight morale, flight performance, enthusiasm and more. Lastly, I have received a fitness award, presented to those who scored a 97 or above out of 100 on their physical fitness assessment. Thus far, my college resume is exemplifying exceptional greatness, and that leads me to my career aspirations. My aspirations are to graduate with a business degree, then commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the greatest Air Force ever as a

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