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In the two plays written by Shakespeare, The Tempest and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, love is the central theme of each comedy. The outcomes in his two plays incorporate the true meanings that love offers. In contrast, these two plays make the characters operate under different ways. The spirits in the Tempest work for Prospero, while in A Midsummer Night’s Dream the characters in this play do not acknowledge the fairies. The way Shakespeare uses the setting and characters in the plays is different. In one instance, he uses some characters to make the plot. The magic and mystery that he includes, adds intrigue and they are the ‘legs’ of which he uses to make the story stand. The central theme, love, is the basis where the theme branches out to other problems, especially among the characters. His words and themes make the stories vivid and easily appealing to the imagination. He makes it so that you see the play act out in your mind. The use of settings, themes, and characters in the story both create the basis of the differences and similarities in his plays.
The two stories that Shakespeare had written, incorporated a major theme – the love between each character and the rest of each plot. Within these stories Shakespeare shows the true nature of love and forgiveness – a never ending battle. In his two stories his plot contains the variable characters within his stories. The changeability of the character’s personalities leads each story to the best endings. However, the way each story uses this variable changes the outcome throughout these plays. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream the interference of the fairies problems intertwines with the plot of that of the majority of the characters. Their different roles in the story play out the...

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...and A Midsummer Night’s Dream both combine magic and mystery within their plots. Yet the way that they use magic is different throughout the stories. Their themes of love convey the meaning that everyone can choose what future they want and only you have the power to make it. In a sense they both have the same outcomes, but they are both respectable in their own ways. Though the outcomes that these two plays have are the same, how they were solved is the difference. When Prospero commands Ariel he controls his own destiny. While the fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream control the plot, they are unknown to the mortal characters. The problems that they have control the plot of this play, while in heavy contrast, Prospero controls the plot. In conclusion, the two plays may have differences in their two outcomes, while they both convey the same theme – love and family.
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