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The United States has many conflicts, one of them is funding on Public Education. In fact Public schools are to make every effort to try and help the students with all they can. Some schools have better things to offer to their schools. It depends on the population where the school is located. Do you agree that the public schools should get the funding depending on the population of where they are located? So many things are unfair and we the people do not really have much we can say publicly or even speak up to this situation. Every student should have the same opportunities as someone that goes to a school where tons of money are invested into. Let us focus on tomorrow’s future instead because once we know it the time will come to see these successful students take part of our country and keep us going forward for the better. Despite the fact that funding on public education will not help students succeed academically with the money provided to the schools, every school deserves to get as much money because students will receive more proper education and will be more successful students in the future.
Funding on Public Education will help students get the updated devices that will help them comprehend. An example would be “...Technology makes a difference in improving test scores and helping students reach performance goals. Technology is a very big important thing in schools for the students. Part of the funding given by the state is implied to the technological devices, so the students can have programs that help them understand certain or all school subjects required for them to go forward. With technology provided to them in the schools, students that attend that school and have no internet connection can use the opportun...

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In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the united states has many conflicts, one of which is funding on public education. public schools should make every effort to help students with all they can.
  • Opines that funding on public education will help students get updated devices that help them comprehend. technology makes a difference in improving test scores and helping students reach performance goals.
  • Explains that technology can help special education students be successful like the students that are perfectly fine in health. technology also engages students in learning, improves attendance, decreases dropout rates, increases graduation rates and facilitates parent involvement
  • Explains that technology is being used in schools to help students understand how it can help them later on in the workforce.
  • Opines that even though schools receive a lot of money, not all of it goes to sports as well. they argue that schools deserve more funding for sports funding.
  • Explains that some students would drop out of school if it was just based on pure education. some students are still in schools and doing well because of the sports.
  • Explains the importance of sports in a student's daily life and how it helps schools motivate students in their academics.
  • Opines that the experience of being able to do the sport you want is priceless. the sport helps you learn how to become a good team mate, teaches you the feeling of accomplishing something.
  • Opines that funding public education will help students be successful in life. a new york city public high school prepares students for the next step of their life to head to college or go to the work force.
  • Opines that public schools provide transportation for students who can't afford to go to school and provide them with school lunches is a good thing. seeing students enjoying their school years is one of the best things.
  • Explains that the primary source of library funding for 44 percent of california schools comes from the school and library improvement block grant.
  • Argues that funding for public schools is a big thing and should come before anything. technology is part of the key to success in schools and out of schools, but funding on public education will help students be successful.
  • Cites accountablitiy: an argument for local school districts from coffins education center. what does federal shutdown mean for california education?
  • Explains that brown's choice: california ignores annual survey on states' use of ed data.
  • Cites caledfacts' education budget and greenblatt's article, "california upends school funding to give poor kids a boost".
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