Funding for Transit Systems

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Background Information

The Toronto Transportation Commission was established in 1920, however, it was only renamed the Toronto Transit Commission on January 1 of 1954. Toronto’s first subway, which also started in 1954; the Union-to-Eglinton section of what is now the Yonge line, was built with revenues from the war when gas limits restricted the use of automobiles. As well, in that year, the TTC became the only provider of public transit in Metro Toronto. However, the Toronto Transit Commission has come a long way, as the total number of riders in 2008 was 466.7 million. Also, in 2009, 2,487,000 fares (including transfers) were collected on an average business day.


The people most involved in this issue are Mayor David Miller, Premier Dalton McGuinty, and Metrolinx, the transportation company who will soon be building the 5 new Transit City lines. This is a very important issue for Mayor David Miller, and the delayed funding for Toronto transit goes against the mayor’s ambitious public transportation legacy. This issue became a concern when Premier Dalton McGuinty withdrew the transit funding after having announced it previously. Consequently, the expansions and the Light Rail Transit will not be ready for the Pan-American Games in 2015 as they were said to be.

Why This Is an Issue

Transit is a very important part of Toronto as a city as many people take public transit to get to work, school, social events or other places. This is an important issue because there have been decades of underinvestment in public transit.# While the funding for the 5 new LRT lines is being delayed, it means the final project will not be finished as soon, and an implication is that commuters who would have benefited from the LRT ...

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