Funding The Frog Study: Leadeship

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Leadership has been defined and described in many different ways throughout time. There are many different leadership theories, models and frameworks used to define leadership (Koh, 2009). While there are differences regarding leadership styles, there are some common characteristics one may strive for in being an effective leader. In this paper, Case Study 67: Funding the Frog Study will be used to analyze if the leader in this case study was able to demonstrate effective leadership.
In the Case Study Funding the Frog Study (Sharp, Aguire and Kickham, 2011), Herbert Kraft and Liana Munn, colleagues of Senator Tammy Wallis, listen to Senator Wallis on C-Span as she was speaking about the university research bill that had just been passed earlier in the day in her committee. Senator Wallis is the committee chair and both Mr. Kraft and Ms. Munn are members of this committee. Mr. Kraft and Ms. Munn were stunned when they watched Senator Wallis become very dramatic in her speech and started to attack a particular component of the bill which she described as needless pork. Senator Wallis accused the opposition party of using the amendment process to sneak funding in this high priority funding bill with a $40,000.00 research grant to study frogs in North Carolina, which she further described as worthless and wasteful spending. Senator Wallis continued in this speech to accuse the opposition party to having misguided priorities and that her fellow Senators Lansing and Weaver of North Carolina should not have tried to slip this funding through for their own selfish interests.
Mr. Herbert was extremely upset after watching this performance by Senator Wallis on C-Span and began discussing the situation with Ms. Munn. Mr. Herbert...

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