Funding State Facilities For School Facilities

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Funding State Facilities Marvin L. Whitfield The University of Texas & Arlington Marvin L. Whitfield, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, The University of Texas at Arlington. EDAD 5384.011- Resource Management Fall FUNDING STATE FACILITIES To fund state school facilities in Texas districts must go through the process of setting up a bond election. Although bonds can be used for school purchases such as busses, technology, and land, the main use for bond elections are for public schools to finance new buildings, or to renovate buildings. Bonds work similar to most mortgage or loan system. Investors will give money to the district, but it has to be paid back with interest within a certain time frame. The process of getting a bond passed in very tedious. BOND ELECTIONS Bond elections have to be approved by the school board. Bond elections call for a detailed outline for the plan of improvement. When developing a Bond package, the citizens of the district must be informed. A good bond package should include the problems the bond will address, what t...
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