Functionalist View On The Role Of Religion

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Religion plays a vigorous role in our existence. Sociologists believe that there is a connection between faith and humanity, how people live and their actions towards the way we live. Their aim is not to scrutinize this to prove if one religion is better than the other, but to corroborate the role of religion and its influence on our daily lives.
Religion has essentially three elements, what we believe, whether certain things should be prohibited and or what we should hold sanctified to us. Next, we have the practices, what we contemplate to be rituals, and then we have the church as a community when we intersection as one to celebrate and practice our sacraments.
Sociologist findings have proven that there are different perspectives when it comes to religion, the
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They placed much as they believe in God.
When it comes to the conflict theorists they were total opposite as they believe that the existence of God was somehow impossible. Both the functionalism and the interactionist had similar beliefs as the functionalist believed in religious activities (marriages, funerals etc.) just like the majority of the world today. They all had symbols that represent their religious beliefs such as the Muslims reflected on the moon and stars. However, for Christians, their most recognized symbol is the Cross which symbolizes the core belief of Christians who believe that Jesus died on the Cross as penance for our sins.
Now the struggle theorizers believe that religion was a routine urbanized to coerce people and is not good for humans. Restrictions were set for the people as an emblem of control where as they had to be governed by certain doctrines Marx thought. Correspondingly the functionalist felt that religion met all human wants and act as an expressive comfort to the
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