Functionalist Theory Of Blended Family

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A family I might come across professionally would likely be a blended family. Not only do people get divorced more frequently now but my career field puts a lot of stress on families leading to even higher divorce rates. Blended families are already quite common and are less stigmatized than in the past. While I am not from one or having one anywhere in my family I did know some in school and the kids were just like everyone else. According to The Step family Foundation, every day 1300 step families are created, half of marriages will end in divorce, half of the families in the US are remarried and 75 percent of divorcees will remarry (Stepfamily Statistics). Additionally half of children under 13 years old live with a biological parent and …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the functionalist perspective applies to the blended family, which is necessary for economic production, socialization, care of the sick and aged, recreation, sexual control and reproduction.
  • Opines that blended families are not as financially sound as they thought they would be.
  • Explains that blended families are common and less stigmatized than in the past.
  • Explains how a blended family can return some normalcy to the child's life and reduce stigma. care of the sick and aged can be applied, as long as one parent can work.

According to the book, the function of the family is necessary for economic production, socialization of children, care of the sick and aged, recreation, sexual control and reproduction (Henslin 455). Everything revolves around money and therefore it is beneficial to be married. For example in the case of divorce where the male is the bread winner, the ex-husband typically will pay alimony and some child support while the ex-wife is dependent upon that if she is not equipped with a good job. In this overly simpered example the man is supporting himself, his kids and former wife. The former wife is in a financial deficit likely and has to support herself and the kids. If she were to marry regardless of the new spouse’s pre-marital status, it will be easier for her to support the kids with that new stable income and the ex-husband doesn’t have to continue on with alimony. What’s even better is if he also gets remarried allowing him to keep more of the money in house and possibly decrease the burden of who he marries that is in a similar situation as his ex-wife. Based on the research I did, socialization of children would be most benefited when the child has at least one stable family, preferably two stable families to live with. So the benefit here is how a blended family can offer that and thereby return some normalcy to the child’s life. For the child’s sake it would benefit society …show more content…

It’s the way the world is headed. There’s a high divorce rate in what I’m going into, at the same time everyone in that field needs someone to take care of their family while there away. I’ll deal with cultures all around the world, most very different from the US. In the professional services I will deal with, the impact on delivery is not allowed. Yes everyone needs to get their family squared away and keep everything good at home but when it’s time to go to work everyone needs to be focused on the job and nothing else. The way we Americans do things could offend those on other countries and they might not be as respectful as they need to be and this could make communication a bit harder. What I have learned is that blended families are not as financially sound as I thought they would be. I thought that after a divorce both parties would take some time to get squared away before remarrying but apparently that’s not the case. Personally this assignment might improve my capacity to deal with other people but professionally it doesn’t matter much. The people in my field can’t afford to let little things get in the way. While family is not little itself, in the scheme of things there are much more important things happening in the world that need

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