Functional Testing

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I. Introduction

Functional Testing is basically testing software based on its functional requirements. Meaning it makes sure that the SUT (System Under Test) or program physically works the way it is intended. Now that there is a basic understanding of what Functional Testing is by the definition provided above; How about going more In-depth on the topic.

This paper will provide answers to questions that the writer had on the topic as well as to the overall importance of Functional Testing. Questions to be discussed will be accentuated throughout the paper.

II. What Is Functional Testing?

Functional Testing in a sense is to test every function individually; this meaning testing the function to the extent that the tester can say with confidence that the function works. Based off the definition earlier stated in the introduction; there is more to Functional Testing than just a one or two line definition. In fact, there are many components and relationships that need to be introduced before having a full understanding of what Functional Testing truly is in its entirety.

There are different components to Functional Testing that will be elaborated here throughout the paper. Functional tests include: Boundary Value Testing, Equivalence Class Testing, Decision Table-Based Testing and many more. These are just some examples that the writer felt needed to be discussed more affluently.

White Box functional test is usually called unit testing and concentrates on the functions as one might see them in the code. Black box function testing focuses on commands and features, things the user can do or select. Now that there is a more detailed description of Functional Testing; what are these different components and how do they i...

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...lect vital information about the capabilities and attributes of software and to help expose potential issues.

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