Function of Homework

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Students have been doing homework for centuries, and still continue, ranging to different subjects. Homework are the assignments given by teachers and are expected for the student to complete after school. Reason being because the teacher wants to understand content, practice, or its to give out busy work to the student. Yet people are two sided about this topic, arguing that homework needs to be given out to students or not. Parents and teachers need to comprehend the principle of homework and how it supposed to function in addition to comprehend how the work is affecting the students; this controversial topics need to be considered more in order to adjust the situation that is occurring now.
People still remain with the thought that homework should still be given out, because there's an assumption that the students will be benefited with the work. one of the biggest reasons being that it provides learning, which it is the whole purpose of the kids attending school. Such as David Armani “Its something that is viewed as precious learning opportunity to boost learning” (Armani). The new learning that is gained, they are also able to be introduced to other things such as responsibility because they are able to do things on their own; they are able to study independently , and the material that they are reviewing at times they are able to gained extra material, in which they are able to enhance their education.
Homework to many is more beneficial to kids that may may think specifically in math and science. These are the two subjects thats many struggle on their test scores, “They also indicates the types of homework assignments typically given may work better toward standardized test preparation then for retaining knowledge of cl...

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