Function: of DNA polymerase

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Function: of DNA polymerase
DNA polymerase is a very important enzyme when it comes to DNA replication. DNA polymerase, more specifically, is involved in the process of reading and adding nucleotides to the DNA strand so a complimentary stand can be made. During the DNA replication process DNA polymerase puts new nucleotides on the 3’ end of the DNA Strand. Not only does DNA polymerase add nucleotides to a DNA strand it can also act somewhat as a “proof reader”. It can pause the replication process to fix mistakes that can occur during DNA replication. Once the sequencing mistake is identified DNA polymerase can get rid of the nucleotides and continue on with the replication process. DNA polymerase functions in many different processes in living organisms since it is a key component of DNA replication (Reece, Urry, Cain, Wasserman, Minorsky & Jackson, 2011).
In a study about the B subunit of the DNA polymerase alpha-primase complex in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The researchers are trying to identify the function of a particular part of the DNA polymerase called the B-subunit. DNA polymerase is actually made up of four different subunits. Alpha primase is made up of four subunits and is responsible for starting the DNA replicating and the elongation of the DNA strand with Okazaki fragments. In the study they tried to test the pol 12 gene to get an insight in how the B-subunit functions. They took the Pol12 and made 18 different alleles with different mutations. The purpose was to find what would be realistic and nonrealistic combinations that would feasible for a cell to thrive. They found that the POL12-T9 allele showed that the B- subunit is needed for creating DNA and it helps with the correct movement through the S phase ...

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