Full Range Of Leadership Model Management Essay

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The traffic accident problem facing my new team and I is both unique and challenging. Having received information from my predecessor, Capt Matthews, and the safety team, it is clear to me that we have a strong talent base and wing leadership that will support us; in short, we have all the resources to stop the trend in a timely manner. This paper will detail my planned interactions with the team members and wing commander within the context of the full-range leadership model (FRLM). Almost every facet of this model applies; therefore my analysis will begin by applying transactional FRLM principles to the whole team, followed by tailored approaches based on the individual personalities. Finally, by conducting a tight operation where timeliness, accountability, communication, and high-energy are priorities, I am confident that our team will help the wing to overcome the traffic accident problem.

Based on inputs from Capt Matthews and the other team members, the current leadership situation in the safety office is primarily “laisse-faire” with some Contingent Reward (CR); this is evident from Capt Matthews limited knowledge of his personnel, the office’s inability to enact effective solutions to the problem, and flexible work hours for solid performers (CR). Based on a lack of results, it is clear that the talent of the office was not translated effectively into action under previous methods. The transformational approach is also needed.

The first step in starting fresh will be to call a meeting for all members to discuss the problem, our goals, and how we are going to move forward to solve the problem. I will begin by stating that our immediate focus will be to create a robust campaign identifying the extent and serio...

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... do so by being involved and available to assist with developments of the team’s tasks. Personally, my main area of responsibility will be on-going discussions with Col Parker to provide status and gain her support to publicly commit to our efforts, gain squadron commander support, and eventually have her share her heartfelt comments on the problem with the base populous. Such commitment from upper leadership will be necessary for the wing to make measurable progress. Once this support is secured, I am fully confident that the team outlined above -- focused by the right mix of MBE, CR, IC, IS, and IM at the team and individual levels -- will provide the timely, smart, energetic action needed to reach our base’s goal of eliminating preventable traffic accidents.

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