Fueling the Fire That was the American Revolution

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Fueling the Fire That is the American Revolution
The American Revolution was a firecracker that was ignited by a number of different sources. Great Britain’s government along with loyalists living in the colonies played major roles in sparking the revolt. Americans’ right to self-government and their prerogative to assert dominion over others came from entanglement with Europe, and not Independence” (Covart E). American patriots risked their lives and the lives of their families to fight for what they believed to be right. Little by little American Colonists were pushed closer and closer to revolting by the circumstances they were facing due to the British. The Revolutionary War was sparked by the forced housing for British soldiers, the massacring of American Colonists, and the raising of taxes.
One of the reasons behind the colonists revolting against the British in the Revolutionary War was the massacring and unjust killing of American Colonists. When the French and Indian War concluded, Great Britain was left with much debt to pay for, and many soldiers to supply shelter to in the Colonies. These problems lead Britain to instill laws on the colonies without fairly allowing the colonists to fight for their own rights. These lead colonists to protest these acts. When these American colonists protested or refused to obey the laws that Great Britain had made they were often prosecuted unfairly with maximum punishment. Often colonists who opposed the laws the British were enforcing were charged with treason against the King, “the Regulators leamed the consequences of being labeled traitors to the King's authority” (Sadlier). Along with the unjust charging of people who refused to follow the British laws many colonists op...

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...y any of the acts that Britain passes. The colonist’s lack of representation upset them very much. Without it the British were able to pass any tax act they wanted and unfairly load them up on the colonies. As this ensued the colonist became more and more enraged until they finally decided to take their rights into their own hands and pull away from Great Britain for good.
The American Revolution has become an example for all revolutions to follow. It is a pure illustration of how the right timing and sources can lead to a perfect opportunity for those who are oppressed to strike back. The key part of it is how there was no one thing that triggered the revolt. A combination of economic and political differences came to set the stage for the American Revolution. Changing one or more of these could have easily kept the American Revolution from ever happening.
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