Fuel Pumps for Diesel Applications

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This research paper will cover fuel pumps for diesel applications. fuel pumps are a very important part of the diesel field. fuel pumps build pressure to inject the fuel into the cylinder. it feeds the injectors.you need the pressure for the injectors to atomize the fuel into the cylinder so the compression can ignite it

How it works, there is a wheel inside the fuel pump that spins like a rotary motor. it compresses the fuel into a smaller hole which pressurizes it. the pressurized fuel fills the lines going to the injectors.the fuel pump. if you run low on fuel and the pump lets air in it will shut your engine down and it will not start. this can cause your fuel pump to go out if you keep trying the start it with air in the lines.

Last year a boy came into our lab and said he was driving down a hill and his truck just shut off. nobody knew what was wrong with his truck. after many hit and miss ideas we came to the conclusion that his fuel pump went out. we cracked his fuel line to see if any fuel was coming out and it hissed spitting out air. when we put the line back on it, ...

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