From the Perspective of the Spouse

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From the Perspective of the Spouse The cerebellum is the main part of the brain where primary motor functions take place, so lesions in this area of the brain are extremely serious. It is located at the bottom rear of the head just above the brainstem (see picture 1). Although the cerebellum looks small it contains nearly 50% of all of the neurons in the brain, and the cerebellum handles nearly 200 million inputs. The cerebellum is involved in computing movements, the measurement of time, directing attention and many other motor and cognitive functions. The cerebellum is an essential part of the brain and a lesion to the brain can cause severe problems ( I have recently noticed my husband eliciting odd behavior, he recently has had difficulty moving, he seams to have a hesitation or a slight tremor before attempting to make a movement. A good example was when my husband began to walk over to the bathroom he hesitated and had difficulty reaching for the bathroom door. I also noticed another odd behavior of my husband elicited when he began to reach for his coffee cup and he used an excessive amount of force and instead of grabbing his coffee cup he knocked it clear across the room. After noticing this odd behavior, I took my husband to see a doctor who referred us to a neurologist, who informed us of a lesion that had occurred in my husbands cerebellum( The cerebellum is key in motor coordination and lesions to the cerebellum cause difficulty in performing such tasks. An issue that the spouse needs to realize is that their partner may have language problems, which may cause them to become frustrated when attempting to say a particular sentence it takes them several attempts, so you need to be patient. Some people with these lesions only have poor verbal intelligence and problems with complex language tasks. While some other patients also exhibit auditory comprehension problems, such as difficulty reading and writing. Another issue that concerns cerebral lesions can be problems associated with the storage of information, which is another issue the spouse needs to be concerned with because they may need to verbally remind their significant other several times about simply tasks (Schmidt).

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